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Already familiar with OverDrive? If you have already registered with our library as an Overdrive user, click the OverDrive image above to begin finding books.

OverDrive is a free service offered by your library that lets you borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and more. The Richmond County Public Library is part of a 19-library system that shares the SOVALUe (Southern Virginia Libraries United Electronically) Overdrive collection.

You can download and read or listen to Overdrive books on a laptop or desktop computer using a web browser. Or you can download the mobile app below to read and listen on your smartphone or tablet computer:

get-it-on-google-play apple app store

If you are on a computer you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions in order to store your downloaded eBooks.


Here’s how you can get started:

  • Requirements to get access to OverDrive:
    • You must have a Richmond County Public Library card
    • Your library account must be in good standing (patron cannot owe any fines or fees)
  • In order to get into the SOVALUe collection patrons must alert staff member(s) and provide permission to input the patron’s library card barcode number into the SOVALUe system. This way the patron will be recognized as a Richmond County Public Library patron.

To begin using The Richmond County Public Library SOVALUe collection:

  • Here is our brief introductory video that will explain how to use OverDrive/SOVALUe.
  • To download eBooks and audiobooks click here to visit the SOVALUe collection website.

Free eBooks and audiobooks are just a click away!

Questions? Please contact us (804) 333-6710 or email us at

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