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On this page you can find facts about our local area, the Northern Neck.

What is the Northern Neck exactly?

  • Well, the Northern Neck is the peninsula that is located south of the Potomac River and north of the Rappahannock River. It includes the following Virginia Counties: Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, Westmorland and King George.

Is there any history here?

  • The answer is YES! There are so many historical facts about the Northern Neck and you can explore them here:

What is the population size?

  • For all of your demographic interests, the Virginia Employment Commission has compiled information about the area’s Labor Market. This document can provide you with the run-down on the basic demographic profile (including economic and education statistics) of the Northern Neck area.
  • For demographic information specifically about Richmond County, please visit the U. S. Census Bureau’s county profile.

What is it like to live in the Northern Neck?

  • Information about the lifestyle of the Northern Neck as well as information about relocation can be found at and Northern

How can I plan my visit to the Northern Neck?

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