Richmond County Public Library

Monthly Cash Reports

The purposes of maintaining this archive of reports are to help familiarize new members of the Board of Trustees with the operations of the Library and to make the activities of the Board more transparent to the citizens of Richmond County.

All cash payments to Richmond County Public Library are deposited with the Richmond County Treasurer. The County Treasurer releases these funds upon a written request approved by the Richmond County Library Board of Trustees. Such “released” funds are generally paid into an account managed by the Rappahannock Community College and are used pay the annual contract fee owed by the County to the College for the operation of the Library.

At each of the scheduled monthly meetings of the Board of Trustees, the Board’s Finance Chairman presents a summary report of cash deposits to and withdrawals from the account maintained by the County Treasurer. This report (starting in April, 2013) also showed cash being held in certificates of deposits. These certificates were subsequently liquidated in July, 2015 and the funds were placed in a checking account. The balances and activities in this account are reported in the Cash Reports.The Cash Report has been a rather casually archived in the past, so the entries below for periods prior to April, 2013 are not complete. Also, gaps in the lists may have resulted from cancellations of meetings,

“Clicking” on entries in the following table will cause the display of a .pdf copy of the original reports.

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Sept. 9 Jan. 10 Feb. 12 Feb. 11 Jan. 31 Jan. 31  Jan. 31 Feb. 28 Jan. 31
Apr. 10 Mar. 12 Mar. 11 Feb. 28 Feb. 29  Apr. 30 May 31 Feb. 28
May 8 Apr. 9 Apr. 8 Mar. 31 Mar. 31 Jun. 30 Jun. 30 Mar. 31
Jun. 19 May 13 May 13 Apr. 30 Apr. 30 Aug. 31 Jul. 31 Apr. 30
Aug. 14 Jun. 18 Jun. 17 May 31 May 31 Sept. 31 Aug. 31 May 31
Sept. 11 Jul. 9 Jun. 30 Jun. 30 Jun. 31 Oct. 31 Sep. 30 Jun. 30
Nov. 13 Aug. 13 Sept. 9 Jul. 31 Aug. 31 Nov. 30 Oct. 31 Jul. 31
Dec. 11 Sept. 10 Oct. 14 Aug. 31 Sept. 31 Nov. 30 Aug. 31
Oct. 8 Nov. 11 Sept. 30 Oct. 31 Dec. 31 Sep. 30
Nov. 12 Dec. 9 Oct. 31 Oct. 31
Dec. 13 Dec. 31* Nov. 31 Nov. 30
Dec. 31
*Dec. 31 – The reporting period for the Cash Report was changed to end with the previous calendar month rather than with the current meeting date. This is a more conventional practice. Knowledge of the justification of the previous practice has been lost. DLC 1/14/15.


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