Richmond County Public Library

Memorandum Of Understanding Between RCC and Richmond County

This document defines the terms and conditions controlling the operation of the Richmond County Public Library by the Rappahannock Community College.

Memorandum of Understanding Between Rappahannock Community College And Richmond County Board of Supervisors For the Operation of the Joint Library

September 10, 1998

The contract for the operation of a joint library between Rappahannock Community College and the Richmond County Board of Supervisors expired on June 30, 1997. Both RCC and Richmond County wish to continue an arrangement whereby the two can continue to jointly serve college students and the Richmond County community patrons.

The initial arrangements, where were in effect since July 1, 1993, appear to work well and the Richmond County Public Library Board of Trustees, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, has been satisfied that the funds provided by the county and/or state are used appropriately for the benefit of community patrons.

It is understood that the county and the college will share in the provision of books, materials, equipment, administration, and staff for the joint library as is mutually agreeable. The college will administer the library with the understanding that at least one full-time staff person will meet the public library qualifications required by Section 42.1-15.1 of the Code of Virginia, as amended. All books, materials, equipment, furniture, etc. specifically purchased by either the college or the library board will remain the property of the purchaser. The public library Board of Trustees will administer state and local funds allocated to the public library.

The college and the Board of Trustees will continue to work together to insure that a high level of service is maintained for both students and the community. To that end, the college and library board will work together to insure mutually agreeable practices and policies. Concepts mutually agreed upon are:

  1. That the space presently allocated for the library will not diminish, especially in the case of the children’s library.
  2. That the hours of operation will comply with State and College requirements at a minimum but include as many additional hours as possible recommended by the Board of Trustees and the college library director.
  3. That financial responsibility for public funds will be that of the Board of Trustees finance committee, with approved invoices paid by Richmond County.
  4. That the Board of Trustees finance committee chairman and the college library director shall develop the public library budget and submit it to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  5. That invoices and inventory files not current be stored by the county.
  6. That the collection of college and public library books/materials be kept at or exceed the level of existing at the time of the establishment of the joint library.
  7. That the Board of Trustees will continue to receive an accounting of public library activities and expenditures at regular board meetings.
  8. That programming for adults and children will continue at or exceed current levels,
  9. That the library staff will provide instruction for public use of electronic material in the library.
  10. That reasonable participation of library staff in public library promotion will continue. This includes staff speaking to community organizations and cooperating with the Richmond County Public School Division.
  11. That the college and Board of Trustees will collaborate on fund-raising projects which mutually benefits the public library and the college, this shall not however, preclude the Board of Trustees from independently raising funds for public library purposes.
  12. The college and the Board of Trustees will work cooperatively to insure that all requirements for public libraries in Virginia are met.
  13. The college and Board of Supervisors will negotiate, on an annual basis, a fee which shall be paid to the college for the public library’s use of space, equipment, and administration on the Rappahannock Community College Warsaw Campus.
  14. That the Board of Trustees and the college library director shall develop, on an annual basis, a work plan designed to provide for delivery of necessary and desired public library services for the ensuing fiscal year.
  15. That the Library Directory shall be responsible for expenditures of public library funds in keeping with the budget and Library Center collection development plan.
  16. That either party wishing to terminate this cooperative arrangement shall provide notice of at least two years to the other party so as to allow for a reasonable transition period.

Signed October 5, 1998 for Rappahannock Community College by its President, Norman H. Scott.

Signed September 10, 1998 for Richmond County Board of Supervisors by its Chairman, W.D. Gray.

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